We can offer a full packing or part packing service using the latest purpose made materials, we use skilled packers who are friendly and very efficient. They will pack all glass, china and breakable items, all items would be packed into double walled cardboard cartons, using new plain paper and bubble wrap where required. Miscellaneous items such as toys, oddments, shoes, books, dvds etc, would be packed into double walled cartons and polythene bags.

We can also offer a part packing service, where we will pack just the glass, china, breakables, mirrors and pictures, again for this service we would use new plain paper and bubble wrap.

If however you decide to pack yourselves, we will supply twenty cartons and tape free of charge to enable you to commence packing, should you require any additional materials these can be purchased from us.


Some items may require special packing prior to removal i.e. antique furniture, oil paintings, gilt mirrors, long case clocks are just a few examples. We would advise you on any special requirements that we feel may be of benefit prior to transportation.

We will supply free of charge on the day of removal, hanging garment carriers, for the transportation of your hanging garments. These would be taken away at the end of your removal, they can however be purchased should you require them due to the lac